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NYT Feature: A City Tries to Measure the Violence It's Preventing

📰 New York Times Article Alert! Baton Rouge's street team, spearheaded by activists like Liz Robinson and Sateria Tate-Alexander  bravely navigates the complexities of community-driven violence prevention. Their resounding voices resonate throughout the city's efforts, boldly confronting gun violence head-on. 

Photo courtesy of by Dean Majd 

As Aqeela sherrills revealed, cities clamored to learn from “Newark's special sauce” (Newark Community Street Team), leading to pivotal connections in the Biden White House and the organization of a Black-led initiative supporting national programs, including those now funding Baton Rouge's efforts. By 2023, his strategies were credited with helping to cut homicides in Newark in half since 2016. Despite obstacles like data collection and trust-building, their unwavering commitment symbolizes the resilience propelling Baton Rouge's fight against violence. 

Photo courtesy of by Dean Majd 

Read the full article now for insights on community-driven intervention and Baton Rouge's push towards a safer public ecosystem. 📝

Full Article Here


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