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Gun Violence Awareness Month: Reflecting on Progress and Ongoing Efforts

As we observe Gun Violence Awareness Month, it's essential to acknowledge both the strides made and the challenges that remain. Here are some key statistics from 2023 and the ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence:

Record Decline in Homicides: Homicides across U.S. cities dropped by 12.3% in 2023. This significant decline, highlighted by The Trace, shows the impact of focused community efforts and policy changes.

Federal Support and Funding: Since 2022, nearly $438 million has been awarded for community violence intervention programs. These funds are crucial for grassroots organizations working tirelessly to make our neighborhoods safer.

Impact on Our Youth: In 2023 alone, 6,192 children and teenagers were shot. Firearms are now the leading cause of death among young people, surpassing motor vehicle crashes. This tragic reality underscores the urgent need for comprehensive solutions.

  1. Community-based interventions are effective.

  2. Policy changes at the state level can have a significant impact.

  3. Continued investment in mental health and crisis intervention is essential.

As we move forward, we must ask ourselves, "What will you do to help your community against gun violence?"

Learn more about the Community Based Public Safety Collective (CBPSC) and join our efforts to create safer communities .


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