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cbps colllective team photo from 2023

Works with us

The Collective is comprised of the premier practitioners of, trainers in, and technical assistance providers to Community Based Public Safety (CBPS) in the country.

The Collective includes the Newark Community Street Team (NCST), Professional Community Intervention Institute, Detours, National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform, The Reverence Project, Cure Violence, UCLA’s Social Justice Research Partnership and the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, and others.


The Collective came together to support and advocate for the profession of CBPS work in order to save lives while promoting and implementing just policies. Daily administration of the CBPS Collective lies with our senior staff, led by Executive Director Aqeela Sherrills and Managing Director Elizabeth Ruebman. 

The Collective supports community based organizations doing results-driven violence reduction strategies including high-risk intervention, casework, victim advocacy, safe passage, and community organizing to increase community safety in any community, while tailoring to the specific needs of the community. The Collective has expertise in employing and training non-traditional community leaders (i.e. those active in street life) as mentors and interventionists and to support those at risk of being a victim or perpetrator of violence through a relationship-based case management model.

Our Services

The Collective stands ready to support a wide range of needs. We offer the following services:

  • Landscape analysis

  • Organizational development

  • Internal leadership cultivation and development

  • Field operations including

    • Assessment of current operation and the development of a Scope of Work and Implementation Plan

    • Outreach to, recruitment of, and training for high risk staff

    • Trauma informed management

    • Data collection and report writing

  • Resource/partnership development and management, including law enforcement relationships and stakeholder engagement 

  • Project-based planning, design and re-engineering including budgeting, protocol development, policies, and more. 

  • Strategy and program redesign to attract sustainable funding resources 

  • Community based research and evaluation. We assist organizations with understanding and participating in research and evaluation to promote organizational advancement and improve program design. We protect CBPS from exploitative and destabilizing research and evaluation practices.  

  • Organizing the community around safety.  CBPS requires the support of the residents and policymakers in the community. 

  • Fund development 

  • Managing policy and government relations 

  • Navigating stakeholder concerns 

  • Healing the Healers (learn more >>)

  • Incarcerated Settings (learn more >>)


We also offer professional training on: 

  • Conflict resolution, mediation and de-escalation 

  • Understanding law enforcement protocol

  • Case management

  • Data collection and report writing

  • Retaliation and rumor control 

  • Safety plan development for communities, events and public spaces

  • Trauma informed employment practices 

  • Self-Care


View a list of our training partners.

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