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Our 3-prong Strategy to Rapidly Build the Internal Systems Needed to Scale Community-Based Public Safety 

          Develop National Best Practices 

We have convened the top leaders in Community Based Public Safety in the nation to “professionalize” the field and set it on a course for rapid scale up. We aim to: 

  • Develop national standards for Community Based Public Safety, agreed upon practices, and shared language. 

  • Develop an “accreditation” program that can certify CPBS organizations to build their credibility, profile and acceptance in the local public safety landscape. 

  • Complete an organizational assessment tool of organizations’ systems, operations, and leadership to help CBPS organizations professionalize their operations.

  • Perform a landscape analysis of organizations/cities currently engaging in CBPS work. Create a map of CPBS programs nationally and document their strengths and needs. The map will be pivotal to help CBPS organizations network with one another and  will provide the first comprehensive look nationwide at every organization doing this work.

Provide Training and Sub-granting 

We are conducting trainings for Community Based Public Safety service providers to help them learn how to capture federal and state funding, organize their operations, build relationships with law enforcement, train and supervise staff, and all other core scale up methodologies this field needs to enhance capacity immediately. We are also seeking to provide subgrants -- these would be targeted subgrants to help CBPS organizations develop their capacity and infrastructure as quickly as possible, and become eligible for federal and state funding.


Additionally, we aim to: 

  • Create novel resources including toolkits on topics such as advocating for local reinvestment, fiscal management 101 and developing MOUs and contracts.

  • Webinar series on topics such as policy advocacy, public health language, fundraising, program evaluation, data collection, self healing practices, and more. 


Create a State-by-State - and National - Leadership and Advocacy Program

Community-Based Public Safety  organizations also need strong visibility at the policy-making table. The lopsided preferred investments being made into the old public safety infrastructure emerged from decades of advocacy influence from traditional law enforcement stakeholders on policymakers. We need a vital media and advocacy presence to bolster every conversation on reducing violence.

  • Organize CBPS organizations to ensure that they have a seat at policy and funding tables

  • Work with federal and state policymakers to advance understanding around CBPS work and the importance of a racial justice lens   

  • Develop a national marketing campaign to educate the public about CBPS

  • Provide media training for CBPS organizations

  • Identify subject matter experts available to speak to CBPS at conferences and convenings.

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