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The CBPS Collective is giving away a website to a local community violence intervention organization!

Enter to win consulting and development services for a one-page (brochure) website with “make a donation” and “contact us” functionality.  Prize includes:

  • One-year subscription for a domain (

  • One-year subscription to a web site builder and web hosting service (Wix, Squarespace, etc.)

  • One email using the domain: (accessible via gmail)* only if desired.


  • All subscriptions will be made in the name of and using the emails of the affiliated organizations for logins.  

  • The one-year subscriptions will NOT be set to auto-renew and any future subscriptions (which will be needed to keep the websites active) will be the responsibility of each organization.

  • After the website is created, the login credentials for each subscription will be transferred to the organization.  This will allow them make any changes desired to the website, and make renewals to subscriptions.

  • Donations can be made through PayPal or using an existing Stripe account.

  • Credit card functionality will require a payment processor or the website builder’s payment processor could be used which will take 3% for transaction processing.

  • Example site (only the main page and the donate page): 


Deadline to enter to win is May 15, 2023.

Only nonprofit community violence intervention organizations working in the United States are eligible to win.

Entering to win is easy!
1) Follow us on at least two social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)
2) Like any of our posts about this contest on our social media platforms.
3) Complete and submit the form below.

Requirements to move forward:

  • The winning organization will need to provide content on:

    • Name of organization

    • Overview of organization

    • Services provided

    • Contact information

    • High-quality, high-resolution images for website, minimum:

      • one for top banner

      • one per program

      • one for bottom banner

    • Optional: one 30 second, high-resolution video

    • Bank account information / existing PayPal account to transfer donations

    • Email address to send any gathered contact information

Enter to Win

After you've completed Step 1 and 2, and read the rules, please submit this entry!

Thanks for submitting!

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