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🔍 Making Strides: Wilmington Street Team's Impact Unveiled 📊

Wilmington street team program shows crime reduction

The latest report showcases progress in Wilmington's anti-violence initiative, with decreases in crime across targeted districts. Led by nonprofits like the Center for Structural Equity, Youth Advocate Programs, and Network Connect, the Street Team is reshaping community safety.

As highlighted by Wilmington Community Public Safety Initiative Coordinator, Debra Mason, this initial success marks a pivotal moment. With decreases in crime, including shooting incidents and theft, it's clear that community engagement and proactive interventions are driving change.

Notably, Districts 11 and 13, covered by the Street Team, saw significant improvements. This translates to fewer police dispatch calls, underscoring the program's effectiveness.

As we delve deeper into the data, the Street Team's impact becomes clearer. With comparisons across seasons and rigorous assessments, we're charting a path toward sustained progress.

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