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Federal Funding Opportunities

The Community Based Public Safety Collective is sharing information about the federal funding that has been anticipated for some time now. The Collective wants to make sure the information about these resources gets to the organizations that are doing the work on the ground.

More information can be found via these links:

More on #3: The Office of Justice Programs has dedicated $46.5 million to community violence intervention over 36 months. It’s an incredible opportunity to build and sustain your CVI work. Here’s some key things you should know about the funding:

  • There are two key areas this initiative will fund:

    • Planning and Implementation of new CVI programs

    • CVI Enhancement and Expansion programs

  • Collaboration across multiple entities is required (across CVI organizations, coalitions, municipalities etc.)

  • The initiative will cover research and evaluation costs, and has a focus on making sure researchers have a deep understanding of community and CVI. All of us know this is necessary.

  • The deadline is June 21, 2022. The funding begins October 1, 2022 and is a 36 month grant.

We will share more soon about how the Collective can support this process, but want to make sure all of you have the information needed to start thinking about what you may need to get in place to apply.

Please start by reviewing the Department of Justice (DOJ) Application Submission Checklist. This list gives all of the steps for online registrations needed to submit your application.


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