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Assistant Atty. General Amy L. Solomon Commends the CBPS Collective for their Integral Role in CVI.

Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon Highlights the Importance of Collaboration and The Community-Based Public Safety Efforts in Addressing Violence.

Los Angeles, CA , June 27th, 2023- Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon delivered a compelling speech at the Giffords Center for Violence Intervention Conference. Recognizing the need for a united front, Solomon underscored the significance of working together to create safer communities. She commended the Community Based Public Safety Collective as "superstars" for their efforts in providing tailored technical assistance to CVI grantees and empowering all stakeholders. The speech showcased the shared commitment to building a new landscape that fosters effective violence intervention.

To gain deeper insights into Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon's inspiring remarks read full article here.


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