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Osa Tyehimba

Osa Tyehimba has honed his leadership, change management, and professional learning skills.

Osa Tyehimba

OsaBemi-Ye  "Osa" Tyehimba brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the  table. As a TTA Specialist, personal trainer, and wellness coach, Osa  has honed his skills in leadership, change management, and professional  learning over the course of a 30+ year career in both the military and  civilian sectors. His background in program management, Equal  Opportunity, administration, movement, behavior change, and human  resources has given him a broad perspective on how to build and lead  successful teams.

Osa's  dedication to professional development and mentoring is particularly  impressive. He has a strong track record of training employees and peers  to refine their skills and become better at their professions, in the  realms of business and health and lifestyle. This dedication to coaching  and mentoring has no doubt contributed to his success as a leader in  the Army and civilian workforce.

In his  free time, Osa stays grounded with photography, music, and physical  activity through training in Capoeira and Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

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