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Larita Barnes

Larita Barnes is a licensed and ordained pastor with over 25 years’ experience in consultancy and advocacy.

Larita Barnes

Larita  Rice-Barnes is a licensed and ordained pastor with over 25 years’  experience and extensive background in consultancy, advocacy, political  advisory and social services working with at-risk populations,  individuals and families who are either unhoused or at risk of being  unhoused, violently injured persons, frequent flyers and emotionally  traumatized individuals and their families providing intensive on-going  case management. Larita has over two decades of experience providing  counseling, grief support, trauma informed care, crisis intervention and  victim’s advocacy.

Her area of focus includes faith-based organizing, and community  engagement with an emphasis on urban ministry, urban chaplaincy, and  violence prevention. She has demonstrated the ability to build strong  interpersonal-trusted relationships with peers, clients, health and  justice systems, school systems and community agencies on behalf of  clients and families.

She holds a Master’s degree from Eden Theological Seminary, a Bachelor’s  degree in Criminal Justice and Security Management from Saint Louis  University and an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education from  Southwestern Illinois College.

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