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Kyra Dunson

Kyra Dunson possesses extensive experience in business management and operations.

Kyra Dunson

As the Chief Operating Officer for the Community Based Public Safety  Collective, Kyra possesses extensive experience in business management  and operations.  That experience encompasses 20+ years in financial  management.  As a former Chief Financial Officer, Kyra’s knowledge of  how businesses operate financially brings an additional analytical  awareness to the Collective.  Kyra also possesses experience in domestic  and international regulatory compliance as a former Chief Compliance  Officer.  

Prior work experience has positioned Kyra in leading multiple  cross-functional organizational initiatives in promoting significant  change in business operations.  Kyra also brings to the table  unparalleled experience and technical understanding in implementing  strategic direction as well as compliance management, financial  reporting, financial analysis, and the ability to foster business growth  through the utilization of benchmarked best practices and solution  innovation.

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