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Kris Arroyo

Kris Arroyo's commitment to preventing gun violence is at the center of her career from the school level to the national level.

Kris Arroyo

Kris  Arroyo is a Nuyorican born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. At a young age,  Kris was committed to preventing gun violence in her community after she  lost a childhood friend to gun violence and became a leader in her high  school's reACTION program. At age 17, Kris was already making an impact  across NY state, speaking in the State Capitol against the NRA, and was  recognized for her passionate advocacy for gun violence victims,  receiving honors from then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough  President Marty Markowitz.

While previously serving as the Director of Community Outreach for New  Yorkers Against Gun Violence, Kris helped develop a community-based  ReAction curriculum that has been a guide to students throughout New  York City emphasizing personal and group development, misconceptions  about guns and gun violence, policy and programmatic solutions to  reducing gun violence, and advocacy skills. Through this program, she  was able to educate and mentor hundreds of high school and middle school  students each year. Her passion and dedication to serving youth led to  her being the lead advisor for Youth Over Guns and bringing them into  the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence coalition. Kris joined Justice  League NYC in 2017 after meeting Carmen Perez at the first major  conference with The Gathering for Justice, “ Growing Up Locked Down.”  She immediately became an integral part of organizing and an invaluable  staff member of The Gathering for Justice (TGFJ) team as she previously  served as the Program Administrator Office Manager. During her  membership of TGFJ-Justice League NYC Task Force, she also helped deploy  major campaigns such as #JusticeforEricGarrner, #FreeMeekMill, and  Women’s March.

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