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Jennifer Gannett

Jen Gannett has a passion for identifying and strengthening systems, policies, supports and funding opportunities.

Jennifer Gannett

As Development Director, her work supports CBPS workers to do their work  safely, equitably and with their physical and mental health centered.

Jen has a broad suite of nonprofit leadership and development skills  developed over the course of more than a decade. Jen has worked with  CBPS organizations for nearly five years, supporting the growth of  Newark Community Street Team since its early years. Her work with NCST  includes the organization's award of a grant to create the first trauma  recovery center in the city.

Based part-time in New Jersey, Jen holds a J.D. from Lewis & Clark  Law School and is an alum of Tulsa Remote. She serves on the board of  Humble Warrior Collective and the Clean Water Advocacy Center.

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