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Reclaiming the Power of Data & Research

In April, we had the pleasure of hosting this conversation, Community Based Participatory Research and Data, with Dr. Jorja Leap and Karrah Lompa (UCLA/ Leap and Associates) about Community Based Participatory Research and Data. We invite you to watch and learn more.

  • Why should we care about research being done in our community?

  • Who decides if and how we are researched?

  • Is there a way for the community to participate in research without being harmed?

  • How do we ensure that we are the beneficiaries of the rewards that come out of academic research?

  • Is true partnership with institutions of higher learning possible?

There are so many questions about how our communities are researched and how that research affects us. We believe that the only research done in our communities is The People's Research.

A couple quotes stood out to use from the discussion:

  • " Ask questions: Why is this meaningful to our community? How does it help with public safety? Push researchers on this."

  • "Don’t let researchers mine you for the outcomes they are looking for."

  • “What does your nonprofit, organization, leadership receive for being a partner?”

  • "Who is funding the research? How much are the researchers getting? What percentage are you getting for assisting? It is not irrational for community partners to ask for 10% of the overall funding. They can not do the research without the community."

  • "When it comes to the research questions: the community has better recommendations because they are the experts."

  • "Research is living, breathing data.”

If you participated in the webinar and are looking for the additional resources discussed, you can find them via these links once your account has been approved (might take a day or two).


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