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National, Black-Led Organizations Redefining Public Safety | The Takeaway with Melissa Harris Perry

Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Indianapolis, and Newark are the site of a historic initiative to end gun violence in some of America’s cities. National Black-led organizations committed to ending gun violence are partnering with mayors, local community-based organizations, and hospitals to reduce gun homicides and non-fatal shootings by 20 percent over the next five years in 12 cities.

The first cohort of cities begin their work this month with the Coalition to Advance Public Safety (CAPS) to scale up, unite and bring cohesion and additional funding to their local community violence intervention (CVI) ecosystems.

We dig deeper into the initiative with some of its leaders Aqeela Sherrills, Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Community Based Public Safety Collective and Board Chair of the Newark Community Street Team, and Sateria Tate Alexander, founder of AGILE Planning Solutions and the executive director of the Baton Rouge Community Street Team.


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