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Episode 17: Equity in Grants Administration with Latrina Kelly-James | NCJA Podcast

In this episode, NCJA Program Manager Gillian Caplan speaks with equity subject matter expert Latrina Kelly-James, Principal at Oya Strategies and Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the Community Based Public Safety Collective, about foundational principles funding agencies should consider when incorporating equity into their agencies’ practices.

Building off NCJA’s “An Introduction to Equity in Grants Administration” one-pager, this episode helps to define what NCJA means when discussing “equity” and walks through 6 different recommendations for implementing trust based grantmaking practices based on the model by Trust Based Philanthropy Thinking. Additionally, Latrina introduces the concept “Perspectives over Perceptions”, specifically when it comes to practicing equitable grantmaking, and the importance of centering this idea when state administering agencies and other funding agencies consider their funding allocations and their relationship to sub awardees.


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