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Pamela Driskel

Pamela's journey is an inspiration to others.

Pamela Driskel is a Program Manager for the Community Base Public Safety Collective. Pamela ensures that the Bureau of Justice's Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (CVIPI) funds assigned to law enforcement, jurisdictions (city, county, states), and community-based organizations are properly implemented.


She grew up in California, in a community where African Americans migrated to achieve the American Dream. Pamela soon realized that the dream was not equal for all people. Her life took a dramatic turn at the age of 17, and by 25, she found herself in the American Justice System, serving a 37-year sentence on both federal and state charges. Her story is featured in the BET+ series American Gangster Trap Queen, season 3.


Despite her circumstances, Pamela became a professional speaker and author, and is slated to release her bio, "The Emergence of a Dope Queen," on July 1, 2023. While in prison, Pamela began to study, she was determined not to be a victim of recidivism upon her release. She attended Bacone University, where she pursued a major in Business, with the desire to help people like herself.


Upon her release, Pamela became deeply involved in community violence prevention and intervention, program implementation, youth and adult anti-recidivism, and providing homeless housing and at-risk community supportive services. Among her accomplishments, she provided research with the LA City Homeless Service Authority, Skid Row Housing, and the California Economic Roundtable, to create the blueprint for homeless housing necessity guidelines and cost report, "Where We Sleep," which was used by LA County. Pamela also ran her own homeless shelters in LA and LB and worked with programs like AmerICan, Smart Women Advancing, LA Global Care, and New Image Emergency Shelter.


Her journey is an inspiration to others, and her dedication to helping others. Pamela is an example that once you believe in your self worth, the American Dream is possible.


“We are the conduit of energy to its inception!”

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