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Sheryl Jones

Sheryl Jones brings her passion to help improve the quality of life for all
disadvantaged populations to the Community Based Public Safety Collective as a
Project Manager. She strongly believes coordinated, integrated and holistic community
efforts can significantly reduce community violence.
Sheryl, with more than 30 years of experience, also serves as: CEO of Progressive
Possibilities Ltd., and as a Director for the Detroit Public Safety Foundation. She recently served
as Director of Ceasefire Detroit and Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (DYVPI). As
Director, Sheryl was responsible for curriculum development, fund development,
administratively overseeing 7 programs, training police officers, community members and staff.
She also facilitated collaboration among partners, wrote reports and monitored the programs’
She provides consulting, curriculum and program development services to corporations,
school districts, law enforcement agencies and municipalities. Sheryl Jones holds a Bachelor of
Arts Degree in Language Arts and Social Science from the University of Michigan, and a Master
of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership with a minor in Language Arts from Eastern Michigan
University. Sheryl Jones possesses Michigan Teaching and School Administration Certificates.
She is a licensed Restorative Practices trainer and Social Resilience Model Trainer. Sheryl Jones

holds certification as a Community Based Public Safety-Violence Interdiction Specialist. She has
participated in numerous professional development activities including Yale University’s Child
Study and Harvard University’s Institute for Urban Leaders. She has served as a professional
educator, in various positions including as the Director of Social Studies and African Centered
Education, and the Director of Multicultural/Multilingual Education and Global Languages for
Detroit Public Schools.
Sheryl Jones has received numerous awards such as Outreach and Support Excellence
Award from the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College. During 2022-2023
she served as a member of the White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative and
the U.S. Attorney for the United States Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Michigan’s
One Detroit Executive Team.

Sheryl Jones
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