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Jacqueleen Bido

Jacqueleen M. Bido, EDD
A Newark, New Jersey native, Dr. Jacqueleen Bido earned her Doctorate from Seton Hall University in Educational Leadership, Management, and Policy. As Project Coordinator for the Community Based Public Safety Collective, she is able to utilize her breadth of work to drive systemic change in the CVI landscape locally and nationally. Dr. Bido served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom during her time in the US Navy as an Information Systems Tech. As a former District Administrator for Parent and Family Engagement in the Orange County Public Schools Title I Department she coached and trained 73 Parent Engagement Liaisons and schools in implementing successful communication strategies and systems for engaging parents, families, and the community. While in the Orange County Public Schools Minority Achievement Office she focused on Males of Color, My Brother’s Keeper and Find Your Voice Initiatives to impact academic and social-emotional disparities. She is the founder of Elevate Newark and BIDOISM, LLC., which are consulting companies created to empower and help people, their organizations, and the communities they serve to invoke social change. She continues to expand her mission through business consultation, program development, and grant writing to support local and national initiatives. As a community collaborator and dynamic trainer, she seeks to engage all stakeholders in a “Strategy for Peace of Mind.”She is a mother to five beautiful children, who have been her greatest achievement because their mere existence proves the importance of the work, she does to make the world a better place for them and all to live.

Author of: The Person Versus the Process

National Conference Presenter:
Newark Science and Sustainability Annual Conference: Building Sustainable Communities
Presenter at the University of Florida National Male Student Success Conference - The Journey to Greatness: Transforming the Way You Think!
60th Annual Fall Conference of the Council of Great City Schools for Urban Education - A Time for Action: A large urban

Published Research
Bido, Jacqueleen M., "The Language of Parental Involvement: A Document Analysis of Parent Involvement Plans (PIP’s) of Title I Elementary Schools" (2020). Seton Hall University Dissertations and Theses (ETDs). 2830.

Jacqueleen Bido
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