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Desmond Lewis

Desmond Lewis is motivated to create future leaders and equity in communities.

Desmond Lewis

Desmond Lewis is a native of St. Louis, Mo and a proud alumni of a  Historical Black College and University, Lincoln University of Jefferson  City, MO. One of his most memorable moments during that time is serving  as the University mascot Stripes, where he enjoyed bringing laughter  and smiles to families which helped bridge the gap between the  University and the community.

After visiting a sports competition in the heart of the city of Los  Angeles, he quickly fell in love with the culture and decided to move to  Los Angeles. Desmond began his career volunteering at Bernstein High  School, a community school in Hollywood, CA.  His commitment and passion  for youth development, and community relations was observed by school  administration and district partner Youth Policy Institute.

Desmond was then appointed as the school complexes Health and Wellness  Coordinator and later Program Manager where he meritoriously changed the  school climate through nutrition education, social justice and  community wellness. Throughout this time, Desmond also formed  partnerships with University of California Los Angeles (Sound Body Sound  Mind) opening a community fitness center and LA84 (Play Equity)  creating leadership curriculum that was implemented in over sixteen  (k-12) schools.  

Prior to joining the CBPS Team, Desmond worked as a Development Program  Advisor and Grant writer at Watts Labor Community Action Committee in  their Technical Service Department where he addressed systematic,  programmatic, and other community issues plaguing the community of Watts  and surrounding areas. His effort resulted in fiscal and capacity  growth, and leading to hundreds of new jobs in the community.

Desmond has remained an advocate for female athletics, earning him the  honor to coach in a California Interscholastic Federation all-star game.  This adoration for woman athletics is amplified, as he spends the  majority of his down time coaching and training his standout nine-year  daughter and supporting female athletic sporting events.

Desmond is motivated to create future leaders and equity in communities.  His vision is to build strong foundations through family stabilization,  and foster effective community development.

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